Lulu Liu performing on the pipa as 'Tea' in 'Play me a Story...The Nutcracker'


Play me a Story...The Nutcracker

A magical, musical Christmas treat for the whole family.

Featuring Lisa Stewart and Esmeralda Tintner, violins, flamenco dancer Ana Interiano as ‘Chocolate’, ballet dancer Perry Scott as ‘Coffee’, and Lulu Liu on pipa (Chinese lute) as ‘Tea’.

‘Play me a Story…The Nutcracker’ combines exquisite violin playing, storytelling, illustrations, ballet and flamenco to tell the much loved story of a tender hearted little girl, Marie, and her favourite toy, a wooden Nutcracker carved to look like a soldier. Nobody else wanted such a funny looking toy, but Marie loves her Nutcracker doll with all her heart, all the more so, since nobody else loves him…


Christmas Eve is a time when magic can happen – but the most magical thing of all, is love…

‘Play me a Story…The Nutcracker’ is full of all the things that children love – magic, dancing, delicious food…and above all, the beautiful music.


Playing at the Sydney Opera House, Utzon Room, 23 and 24 December 2017.