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Esmeralda Tintner is directed in a scene for the 'Chocolate' music video by Thorsten Joses 

Kaia Clohessy tastes the chocolate, and at that moment, she is transported to another world...

Chocolate Film

Due to the success of the live production, we are now making a series of classical music video clips which will capture some of the most beautiful music and dance from the the show.


The first music video, 'Chocolate', (also known as the Spanish Dance) features flamenco dancer Ana Interiano, and the delightful star of the film is 6 year old Kaia Clohessy. Playing castanets is Josh Hill and director of photography is Thorsten Joses.


These scenes were shot in Lixie Chocolaterie in Surry Hills in Sydney. The wonderful chocolate maker Miga Aboulian closed her shop for a whole day to allow us to film. We are so touched by her generosity and support. Patrons will see the same artists performing the same music (watch below) at the Opera House performances, 23 and 24 December.

Mmm...chocolate...every child's dream come true!


Find out what made Esmeralda Tintner fall in love with music and what inspires her to share that love with a new generation of children. Click on the link to read an interview with Esmeralda in Limelight magazine.


Esmeralda has created a beautiful new number - 'Chocolate' (also known as the Spanish Dance) featuring flamenco dancer Ana Interiano. 

In these upcoming performances the Coffee Dance will have a delightful new interpretation from dancer/choreographer, Perry Scott.  


We have also expanded the interactive part of the show into a miniature dance workshop for the children, led by Ana Interiano. After they have watched the performance, the children will be invited onto the stage area where they will have the chance to express themselves. Ana has extensive experience working with young children, and the children respond to her so naturally.